Credentials: Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.)

Acupuncture, the insertion of very thin needles into specific anatomical points on the body, dates back to 2000 B.C. and is perhaps the oldest, most well-documented system of medicine in the world. It is based on the precept that energy is the most important component of the body. Energy regulates all of the functions and processes in the body. Nothing occurs without the presence of energy, just as a match doesn’t light until the energy of movement strikes it against a flint.

The circulation of energy throughout the body occurs via special pathways called meridians, which affect and regulate every organ in our bodies. The points at which these meridians come closest to the surface of the skin are the acupuncture points, each of which affects specific bodily functions. (10)

Based on a comprehensive evaluation of symptoms, pulse, tongue, and physical and emotional characteristics, the acupuncturist ascertains which acupuncture points must be stimulated to accomplish the desired effects.

Treatment Principles and Methods:

  • Determine acupuncture points that need stimulation to unblock meridians and allow energy to circulate.
  • Insert acupuncture needles into these points to remove blockages and increase movement of energy to specific vessels, tissues, organs or glands.


  • Unblocking of energy allows the body’s own healing mechanisms and vital force to address and correct the underlying causes of symptoms.
  • The body’s innate healing abilities are stimulated.
  • Complete healing can occur when acupuncture is given correctly.


  • Both body and spirit (which exists in energy form) can be treated
  • Offers pure energetic healing
  • Effective for acute and chronic conditions, as well as health maintenance and disease prevention


  • In today’s world, nutritional supplementation and detoxification is usually required along with acupuncture to affect complete healing.

I have a particular fondness and appreciation for acupuncture, which was the first discipline I learned in my medical training. However, I have found that for children, homeopathy and homeopathic remedies are a much more practical approach. It is a lot easier and more effective to give a baby or child homeopathic pellets or drops that easily dissolve in the mouth than it is to insert and maintain the position of acupuncture needles, which require a period of stillness.

Note: Since acupuncture and homeopathy both work on a deep level through the energy system, you need not use both methods at once. Choose one and stay with it to see the results.